Who Else Wants Their Phone Ringing Off The Hook With Quality Job Interviews?

Federal Job Openings - Obama’s Stimulus Heightens Need

With the new Obama federal stimulus package of $787 billion there will be many new federal job openings available to administer that specific program alone. There will be employment opportunity in areas such as Read more »

Pittsburgh Employment - Steel City Has Become A Renaissance City

Pittsburgh is the second largest city in the state of Pennsylvania with a population of approximately 2.5 million people in the 7 county metro areas. Once known as the steel capital of the US, Pittsburgh employment Read more »

Chicago Job Openings - The Windy City Business Environment

Chicago is a great large midwestern city with a rich culture and a great workforce. It also happens to be the hometown of the new US president, Barack Obama. Read more »

Language of Attorney Cover Letter

It is important to make an attorney cover letter that will captivate the attention of your prospective employer. In applying therefore for a job, such instrument is vital whether you are aspiring for a position in a law firm or in any company. It is a vital instrument that MUST STAND OUT among the myriads of resumes from countless applicants. Take note that you are not the sole applicant. Read more »

Are You Earning Money? Or Are You Struggling Financially?

by Peter Werth

What are your methods for earning income? Does money control you? Are times a little tough right now? Let me cover some methods to help you with your financial situation: Read more »

Important Cover Letter Tips

by Vanessa Vidal

One of the most important cover letter tips you should bear in mind is the language that you use in preparing one. As much as possible, use the language of the company and make your statement brief but concise. You should avoid using high-sounding or pretentious jargon for not all readers can understand too much of semantics. Convey your message in the simplest way possible that is within comprehension of any ordinary reader. Read more »

Critiquing Your Own CV Example

by Cynthia Penfold

Perhaps one of the hardest things to do is critique your own CV example. Some people create an example CV because they want a template to use when applying for jobs. Other people create this type of example because they are looking to sell examples for profit. Read more »

Tips On Starting Up A Successful Online Digital Photography Business

by Dan Feildman

In our tough economic times everyone is either trying to hang on to their jobs or find one to replace a job they have lost. If you fall into either category or are simply hoping to earn an extra income to pay for the high cost of everything then I might have an answer for you. If you enjoy photography and have been told you are pretty good at it then you may want to look at starting your own online digital photography business. Now, while creativity is a bonus and skill with a camera a must, these aren’t the only things you will need to know if you are planning on starting this sort of business or any business on your own. To start your own online digital photography business it is important to understand the legal, financial and managerial aspects. Below are some ideas on how you can make your dream of owning your own business a success. Read more »

Investments and Jobs in Emerging Markets

by Michael Swanson

Constantly, blue collar working individuals are thriving to find ways to advance in the financial department. There are a number of emerging markets that are becoming more and more popular to this targeted group. Finding good emerging markets will lead to financial freedom and the end of a blue collar world. Read more »

Filipino Maids: Philippines’ Pride

by Alice Sy

Many Filipinos are leaving their native country, the Philippines, to search for a better life, for a better future for their families. Many of these Filipinos end up working as Filipino maids in foreign lands, particularly in the United States, England, Italy, Greece, France, and in practically every country of the globe. Read more »

Free Work At Home Jobs - Can You Really Work From Home?

If you aware of the current economy, then you know it sucks.

Many people are currently in two situation. Either they are looking for an extra source of income that they can add, because their current job they have right now is not providing enough money, or they have already been laid off from their job. Read more »

Steps To Succeed At Your Interview

by Tracey Delaney

The key to a successful interview is preparation. Almost without exception, the candidate who has done the most preparation will be the person who gets the job. Read more »

Effective Ways to Find Housekeeper Jobs

by Alice Sy

By looking at online sites and classified ads, it can be easy having to find housekeeper jobs. You will be able to find homes and small companies looking for janitorial services. Before long, you will find a vacancy that matches your skills. These tips will help you find the job you are searching for. Read more »

How To Create A Computer Operator Resume

by Bryan Nelson

A Computer Operator is an individual who manages and monitors all processes of an operating system. He has to observe computer operations and system tasks. He must also be capable enough to work in a team atmosphere. It is an extremely skilled job and it entails people with high proficiency only. If you want to be a computer operator then you will have to write an effective resume. A resume plays an essential part in your job hunt procedure. Read more »

Protect Yourself With Multiple Sources of Income

If you want to make money, getting a job is the usual route people take. It is, however, not the only way and anyone who brainstorms and might be able to come up with some creative money making ideas of their own. In fact, that is the way many businesses get started. Many hobbies and good ideas have started out small and turned into full time jobs and even companies. Read more »

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