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Live Easily With Live-In Housekeepers

by Alice Sy

If given the opportunity, everybody would prefer to have live-in housekeepers in their home. Indeed, the pros of hiring a live-in housekeeper are more compared to the advantages of not hiring one. Read more »

Atlanta Job Openings - Work In The Heart Of The Peachtree State

Are you an Atlanta resident or thinking of moving there and therefore looking for Atlanta job openings? If so, Atlanta has a thriving business population and is a good place to find many different types of career opportunities and employment opportunities. Read more »

Hotel Manager Resume - How To Prepare

A manager is a person who manages people or operations in a workplace. A hotel manager is also responsible for handling all the basic and fundamental operations in a hotel. He has to execute various tasks such as: creating fiscal plans of the hotel and solving different types of client issues. Handling the working of the entire hotel is a very tough job. You should have good communication and interpersonal skills to become a good hotel manager. Besides all these, you should also be able to write an efficient resume to secure a decent job in this field. Read more »

Sample Interview Questions Personal Driver

A driver is a skilled individual who is accountable for driving a particular vehicle. Nowadays, this profession has shown an incredible boost. More and more youngsters are switching over to this occupation. A personal driver is a skilled individual who is accountable for driving a vehicle for a family or a particular customer. He essentially does not have to drive for commercial purposes, but for personal use of the customer. A job interview is a process through which an employer and a potential employee come in contact of each other for prospective employment in a specific company. Read more »

Steps to Write A Good Resume

by Swanson Goad Jr

A resume is an advertisement that promotes Brand You. It enumerates the benefits that can be had by a potential employer. A well written resume is capable of making the recipient lift the phone and call the sender for an immediate interview. Read more »

Resume Writers: What to Look for

by Eric Civi

You are ready for a career move; you’ve found a bunch of job listings that you would be great for and want to apply for as many as you can right away. The first step to success will be having an effective resume that will show that you are the best person for the job you seek. Read more »

Learn How To Write A Great Resume If You Want A Great Job

It has never been more important in the job world that you know how to write a proper resume. Landing a great job is getting harder and harder, especially in these financially difficult times, and landing a great job starts with a great resume. Read more »

How To Change Your Search For Your Job Classifieds To Get Better Results

by Alice Peterson

It is impossible to count the number of people looking for a job in the market at this very moment or any time. In most cases when someone is looking for a job, they look for classifieds online or enroll themselves on job hunting websites like Monster etc., If you think that applying for jobs left right and center and that too through the classifieds you found, is going to get you far, you maybe wrong. To know how you can alter the course of your search to get better results while looking up job classifieds, you will have to read on. Read more »

Coders And Medical Billers Cover Letters

You’re Name You’re Address Your City, State, Zip Code Your Phone # You’re Email


Employer Name Company Address City, State, Zip Code Read more »

Best Kept Secrets Of Cover Letter Templates - How To Get An Interview!

You are ready to post, email or fax your resume, but just as you wanted to send it off, someone shouts from the background “don’t forget your cover letter”! You freeze, and not wanting to look like an idiot you say “of course not”, “all done”! You have guessed it - we are going to chat about cover letter templates and how they can save you from embarrassment or land you a job. Read more »

4 Ways To Stay Motivated In A Tough Job Market

It is no secret that the unemployment rate has yet again gone up. The recession is supposed to be over, but the signs are all pointing in another direction. From an economist’s standpoint, the recession is over and historically, the end of recessions are can never be known for certain until we are completely out of one. So even if the recession is over, it is hard for the rest of the world to see and understand that; it also means nothing to the person who is looking for a job right now. So in hopes of providing you with useful information, the following 4 suggestions are ways you can stay motivated in this job market so that you can come out triumphant. Read more »

Church Job Openings Are A Way To Minister To The Flock

Church job openings can encompass positions such as pastors, chaplains, educators, business administrators, secretarial/office positions and many others. If you have a calling to follow a career search that involves God’s work, there are many positions that are available in online job opportunities websites. Read more »

Federal Job Openings - Obama’s Stimulus Heightens Need

With the new Obama federal stimulus package of $787 billion there will be many new federal job openings available to administer that specific program alone. There will be employment opportunity in areas such as Read more »

Pittsburgh Employment - Steel City Has Become A Renaissance City

Pittsburgh is the second largest city in the state of Pennsylvania with a population of approximately 2.5 million people in the 7 county metro areas. Once known as the steel capital of the US, Pittsburgh employment Read more »

Chicago Job Openings - The Windy City Business Environment

Chicago is a great large midwestern city with a rich culture and a great workforce. It also happens to be the hometown of the new US president, Barack Obama. Read more »

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