Who Else Wants Their Phone Ringing Off The Hook With Quality Job Interviews?

JobConcierge Executive Job Search Advice - Job Fair Resume Success

When you go to a career fair, you’ll bring your resume (also known as a CV), which will not have mistakes, be comprehensible and emphasize your attributes. Even though this sounds like the typical resume, you’ll need to think about more advanced job fair strategy beyond that. Read more »

Best Kept Secrets Of Cover Letter Templates - How To Get An Interview!

You are ready to post, email or fax your resume, but just as you wanted to send it off, someone shouts from the background “don’t forget your cover letter”! You freeze, and not wanting to look like an idiot you say “of course not”, “all done”! You have guessed it - we are going to chat about cover letter templates and how they can save you from embarrassment or land you a job. Read more »

Dental Assistants And What It Is They Do

by Heather Givens

If you are wanting to get into the Dental field then one of the best places you can start would to become a dental assistant. You will have to graduate a school or program, but once you are certified you will get the chance to work with Dentists or Hygienists. The duties of a dental assistant will depend on what kind of office you are in, but most of them are the same. Read more »

How to Deal With Managing Absence In The Workplace

by Joseph Michaels

It seems that many managers tend to be unaware as to issues relating to managing absence. However dealing with such issues is an integral part of personnel management and as a result, there is simply no doubt that a manager needs to become involved. Read more »

Police Recruitment Test

If you are considering a career in the police, whether it be in the United Kingdom or anywhere in the world then you will need to go through an application process and pass this successfully. Failure during the application process will mean you will not be able to join your local force. Read more »

Consider Using Open Office Resume Template

by Ferdinand Emy

When you are searching for an simple way to create a resume, an open office resume template may be just what you need. An open office resume template is at this time one of the easiest resume templates on the marketplace . If you perform a search online for an open office resume template you should be able to find one without very much effort or time. Read more »

Global Recruitment Trends

In earlier days a person who wanted to find job had to buy a news paper and read the classified ads section then had to print out hard copy of resume and send them out. If some one calls you, it’s ok but most of the times there was no reply. It was a hectic process and all done by manually Read more »

The Different Staffing Solutions You Can Use

by Calvin Patel

The recruiting process has become both easier and more challenging as time moves further along. With the online world of job boards, recruitment websites, and social media now the hottest buzz in the job market, the likelihood of finding top notch candidates is great. However, an increase number of applications simply imply heavier tasks for the sourcing teams. Read more »

Investments and Jobs in Emerging Markets

by Michael Swanson

Constantly, blue collar working individuals are thriving to find ways to advance in the financial department. There are a number of emerging markets that are becoming more and more popular to this targeted group. Finding good emerging markets will lead to financial freedom and the end of a blue collar world. Read more »

Resume Tips - How To Write A Perfect Resume

A potential employer first takes a look at your resume that makes an impression about you. So it is up to you to build a perfect resume that will be complete and one that will create the right impression about you. Find some tips below to do the same. Read more »

Finding Great Part-Time Jobs: Steps to Recognize Great Opportunities

by Travis Ristig

Part time jobs are the backbone of today’s business environment and many people are in need of finding one that can provide additional income. In the midst of finding an additional line of income, you will break down the midst of your activities to find time to build a business on the side. If you’ve noticed the new phenomenon, everyone is finding a way to create an opportunity to earn more money from home or in a nice little restaurant uptown. Read more »

Steps to Write A Good Resume

by Swanson Goad Jr

A resume is an advertisement that promotes Brand You. It enumerates the benefits that can be had by a potential employer. A well written resume is capable of making the recipient lift the phone and call the sender for an immediate interview. Read more »

Quick Bachelors Degrees - Five Steps To Earning The Quickest Degree Possible

by John Maxted

It is a fantastic new world out there for those who have a bachelors degree. Yes, when you have an advanced degree in a profession that is in short supply of employees, you will find that your bachelors degree will open a multitude of doors for you. However, you need to complete you degree in order to take the greatest advantage of these opportunities. Read more »

The Launch And Goal Of City Job Openings

City Job Openings .net is a site dedicated to providing our visitors with specific information about job opportunities that exist in their particular city. Some of the many jobs and job related issues that will be researched Read more »

Interview Questions For Manager Job

A manager is the in charge of a particular department in a business house. He simply has to manage certain events and schedules regarding the office work. Cracking a job interview is not an easy task. You need to prepare your self well. You just have to be confident and face the challenge that comes to you. Read more »

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