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The Process of Researching an Online College Degree Takes Some Work

by Marco Sortiglia

Earning an online college degree is a very popular method of continuing your education. It is both convenient and inexpensive. Most degrees can be earned through a college or university totally online. That means you do not have any residency requirements or classes to attend on campus. That alone can save you a lot of money. Read more »

Psychiatry and Other Specialties Available For Locum Tenens Positions

by Darren Higham

Temporary or short-term jobs assignments that last for a specified length of time are referred to as locum tenens. Though most common among physicians, doctors and nurses, locum tenens positions can also be found in other fields in the health care industry. The number of physicians working in national and international locums has steadily increased over the last 30 years. Read more »

Where Are You On The Subject Of Social Work Agencies

As a law student I got the tag as being a liberal. That was because I went to school with a lot of young republicans. Do you remember that term? When I would argue in class that some cases should be determined by social justice concerns and not always law courts I heard fellow classmates mockingly say I should become a lawyer for social work agencies. Read more »

How The LPN Can Complement Patient Care In A Hospital Environment

by James England

Recent studies undertaken in the United States have suggested that the ratio of Registered Nurses (RN’s) per capita is likely to soon, or may have already reached a peak. Hereafter the ratio is expected to decline. This decline may well last for as long as the next decade. Read more »

What it is Needed to Become a Pharmacist

by Amy Nutt

Some jobs have more prospects in this current period than other professions. While some jobs such as being a financial analyst may pay more, the security of the job isn’t exactly assured with the current trend of events and occurrences. The health care sector seems to be gathering more momentum as the demands for different careers increase. One of such careers is the pharmacist career. Read more »

Hospital Job Openings - The Future Is Very Bright

Hospital job openings are now, and will be for the foreseeable future, one of the hottest health care career opportunities. With the aging of the baby boomers, health care job opportunities will continue to grow at an exponential rate. Read more »

Free Work At Home Jobs - Can You Really Work From Home?

If you aware of the current economy, then you know it sucks.

Many people are currently in two situation. Either they are looking for an extra source of income that they can add, because their current job they have right now is not providing enough money, or they have already been laid off from their job. Read more »

Ohio Job Openings - Live And Work In The Buckeye State

The manufacturing and financial sectors are the highest percentage of industries responsible for Ohio’s gross domestic product of $466 billion. This GDP figure makes Ohio the seventh largest of all the states in the US in terms of output. Ohio job openings have Read more »

Homebased Businesses for Stay at Home Moms

by Tony Verruso

June 4, 2009 ” More mothers today are making the decision to leave the workforce in order to stay at home with their kids. With the current economic condition, it may be tough for some families to make ends meet with just one income. This is one of the reasons that many moms are searching form home based business opportunities. They want to find a way to earn an extra income to make life easier on their families while taking care of their children. Read more »

Get to the Point and Make a Powerful First Impression

by Estee Taschereau

In order to be successful in marketing our services or products we have to make a strong first impression. Successful people have busy days, and you need to be precise and concise to get their attention. Read more »

Roofing-An Overview

by Scott Rodgers

To be a roofer and lead an easy life is simply a contradiction. Roofing is something that requires you to be in great physical shape and health. As this profession involves heavy effort as regards bending, kneeling, picking up heavy stuff and climbing big buildings, this choice of career surely isn’t for someone who wants an easy-going, laid back professional life. Read more »

Free Resume Writing Templates

by Ferdinand Emy

What are resume template samples and how can they aid you to get the job that you actually wish? As you are probably aware there’re more individuals than ever before competing for a meager aggregate of open jobs. This implies that if you’re going to be applying for a job in today’s job you must make sure that you make the optimal impression possible. This is where resume template samples assist to give you a competitive edge. Read more »

How Can I Find A New Job?

by Doug Horne

These hard economic times have left a lot of people throwing their hands up at a loss for words as they can’t find a job. Although times are tough finding a job does not have to be as impossible as one may think. There are many ways to find a job these days especially with the conception of the Internet. Whether posting your resume online, browsing the job sites or doing a search, the Internet has opened the doors to many new opportunities for the job seeker. Read more »

The Importance Of A Thank You Note After A Job Interview

by Amy Nutt

A job interview is something that is nerve-wracking, just to say the least. There is really nothing that is going through the mind except one can do with this opportunity, the possible money, and possible relationships with co-workers. Before all of that, there is the thought of the man or woman sitting across from you, asking a battery of questions. There is tension there, and in most cases, just a little bit of fear that you will not get the job. Read more »

Sample Interview Questions For Comedian

A job interview is play’s an important role in everyone’s career. To secure a decent job in every field you need to perform well in the interview stage. So, make sure you prepare well for the interview stage. A comedian is a skilled individual who makes the audience laugh by his silly and witty jokes. Read more »

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