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Overseas Job from Office of Attorney Recruiter

by Vanessa Vidal

An attorney recruiter is an office that can always be your ally if you are currently unhappy with your job. You can even have an opportunity for a job placement overseas. Have a new chapter of your career and shine like a star in your field of expertise. This office has many branches all over the world and can easily direct you to your desired destination. Read more »

It Is Never Too Late To Pursue A Career As A Nurse

by Amy Nutt

There are many professions that one can embark on in a lifetime, and when you reach the age of retirement, there will probably be very many under a persons belt. In this economy, one of the best things to think about when starting a new kind of profession, whether its because the last profession is no longer there, or the love of it is gone is what is still needed. By doing this, you can essentially assure that you will have as much work as you like, and the career is something that will constantly be in demand. Read more »

Are You Ready For Midlife Career Changes?

Nowadays, most people you talk to in their 40s and even many in their 30s have gone through one if not two mid-life career changes. Sometimes, the change may have been brought on due to external forces, such as a redundancy. Other times, the change is a premeditated one and perceived as being the better life choice. Read more »

Houston Job Openings - Work And Play In The Great Southwest

Are you a Houston resident or thinking of moving there and thus looking for Houston job openings? If so, Houston, TX is a good place to find career opportunities. Houston is the largest city in Texas Read more »

The Different Staffing Solutions You Can Use

by Calvin Patel

The recruiting process has become both easier and more challenging as time moves further along. With the online world of job boards, recruitment websites, and social media now the hottest buzz in the job market, the likelihood of finding top notch candidates is great. However, an increase number of applications simply imply heavier tasks for the sourcing teams. Read more »

Michigan Job Openings Are Still Available In This Hard Hit State

Michigan has been hit excessively hard by the recent downturn in the economy. As home to the nation’s auto industry, Michigan job openings have often been tied to the auto industry in some tangential manner. Read more »

Accounting Employment - Recession Proof Jobs

Accounting employment is considered one of the few careers that pay well even during recessionary periods. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a quarter million new jobs Read more »

Jobs Part Time Are Easy To Find Online

by Alex Wu

Today’s job market is a zoo. Skyrocketing unemployment rates have everyone nervous, whether they’ve already lost their jobs or not. Most cities have unemployment rates that are the highest in history. People are to the point that they’ll take any job, just to get through. Some people who are employed full time may also need to find jobs part time to make ends meet. Read more »

Live Easily With Live-In Housekeepers

by Alice Sy

If given the opportunity, everybody would prefer to have live-in housekeepers in their home. Indeed, the pros of hiring a live-in housekeeper are more compared to the advantages of not hiring one. Read more »

Atlanta Job Openings - Work In The Heart Of The Peachtree State

Are you an Atlanta resident or thinking of moving there and therefore looking for Atlanta job openings? If so, Atlanta has a thriving business population and is a good place to find many different types of career opportunities and employment opportunities. Read more »

Hotel Manager Resume - How To Prepare

A manager is a person who manages people or operations in a workplace. A hotel manager is also responsible for handling all the basic and fundamental operations in a hotel. He has to execute various tasks such as: creating fiscal plans of the hotel and solving different types of client issues. Handling the working of the entire hotel is a very tough job. You should have good communication and interpersonal skills to become a good hotel manager. Besides all these, you should also be able to write an efficient resume to secure a decent job in this field. Read more »

Sample Interview Questions Personal Driver

A driver is a skilled individual who is accountable for driving a particular vehicle. Nowadays, this profession has shown an incredible boost. More and more youngsters are switching over to this occupation. A personal driver is a skilled individual who is accountable for driving a vehicle for a family or a particular customer. He essentially does not have to drive for commercial purposes, but for personal use of the customer. A job interview is a process through which an employer and a potential employee come in contact of each other for prospective employment in a specific company. Read more »

Steps to Write A Good Resume

by Swanson Goad Jr

A resume is an advertisement that promotes Brand You. It enumerates the benefits that can be had by a potential employer. A well written resume is capable of making the recipient lift the phone and call the sender for an immediate interview. Read more »

Resume Writers: What to Look for

by Eric Civi

You are ready for a career move; you’ve found a bunch of job listings that you would be great for and want to apply for as many as you can right away. The first step to success will be having an effective resume that will show that you are the best person for the job you seek. Read more »

Learn How To Write A Great Resume If You Want A Great Job

It has never been more important in the job world that you know how to write a proper resume. Landing a great job is getting harder and harder, especially in these financially difficult times, and landing a great job starts with a great resume. Read more »

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